Beyond, Dead Bonus Features

Coming soon from MGM Entertainment

MGM and Fox Home Entertainment passed along the final specs for their forthcoming From Beyond DVD release and the Return of the Living Dead re-issue, both hitting stores on September 11th.

Here’s what to expect content-wise on “Beyond”:

The Director’s Perspective featurette

The Editing Room: Lost and Found featurette

– Interview With Composer

– Photo Montage

– Storyboard To Film Comparisons w/introduction

– Deleted Scenes: Appearance of Dr. Pretorus, Death of Bubba, Hospital Escape, Katherine Frees Herself

And Return of the Living Dead:

– Cast, crew and undead commentary

Remembering The Dead: Cast Recollections featurette

From The Underground: The Rise of Horror in the 80s featurette

• Zombie subtitle stream

Source: Ryan Rotten, MGM Home Ent.


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