Diaz Jumps into The Box

Richard Kelly’s latest begins casting

Been a while since we’ve heard about The Box, Richard (Donnie Darko) Kelly’s take on “Button, Button” written by Richard Matheson. Variety cites the recent “star-driven” success of the PG-13 rated 1408 as a contributing factor for the project’s recent progress at Media Rights Capital.

Actress Cameron Diaz is toplining the horror film as a woman who receives a puzzling button-covered box from a stranger. She learns every button yields different results.

Budget for this one is upwards of $30 million – I’m sure a nice chunk goes to Diaz’s salary – and filming begins this fall based on a script by Kelly. Sean McKittrick is producing; he pulled similarly duties for Kelly on “Darko” and the director’s Southland Tales.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety


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