Nightbreed: Lost Scene

Video footage pieces things together

When Clive Barker takes to the stage of any convention, he’s got, in his arsenal of answers, a response to the eternal question: “Will we ever see a Nightbreed Special Edition?” It’s up to Fox, he always says. There’s footage in the vaults.

It’s enough to make a ‘Breed fan scheme an “Ocean’s Eleven”-like heist on the Fox warehouse just so we can see what the studio has been hording.

Thanks to Craig Spector’s personal home video library we can get some idea of the deleted scenes that didn’t make Nightbreed‘s final cut. Video footage has appeared at the Clive Barker site Revelations that features the “Cycle Slut Sisters” (Craig Spector, John Skipp and Pete Atkins) taking on a posse of intruders.

The folks at Revelations have included excerpts of the script to give you a clearer picture of what’s going on. Click the link above for that and much more!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Revelations


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