Killer Spots


Things to do this weekend

Here are a handful of horror happenings occurring around the L.A. area this weekend…

• The L.A. Film Fest has begun and you’ve got two genre offerings to choose from; one to chill you to the bone, the other to bask you in the warmth of freshly spilled blood. Screenings of Larry Fessenden’s Arctic thriller The Last Winter begin tonight as does Jeremy Kasten’s remake of the H.G. Lewis flick Wizard of Gore.

• Robert Wise’s The Haunting is playing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery courtesy of Cinespia.

• Writer Stefan Varner and illustrator James Muscarello of BeGoths are signing their books “The Enigmatic ABCs” and “Rebecca’s Realm: A Collection of Goth Toons” at Dark Delicacies in Burbank.

Source: Ryan Rotten