Host Sequel to Surface in ’09

Bong Joon-ho not returning

When this writer had the opportunity of speaking to The Host director Bong Joon-ho last year, we touched the American remake and a potential sequel to his Korean monster mash.

Of the latter, he showed no interest. And he continues to show no interest. Chungeorahm Film, the production company/distributor of the original has announced a sequel to The Host will begin production this fall without Joon-ho’s involvement.

Chungeorahm’s CEO says they’re retaining the original’s budget and creature design, yet this time they’re going to keep all of the FX in-house. If you recall, the San Fran-based The Orphanage assisted greatly on the CGI for the last film.

Magnolia Films releases the Joon-ho’s “Host” on Region 1 DVD July 24th.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Korea Times


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