Just How Wet is Saw IV?

Bousman sickened by his own violence

Talking to Darren Bousman about his upcoming sequel Saw IV is like asking your grandfather what his experience was like serving in a war (pick one). He’s a chatterbox finally happy to answer whatever questions you have. He has to avoid the grisly bits, but does a deft job of whetting your appetite for more stories from the trenches.

That said, when we catch up to him in Hollywood, Bousman and this journalist dance around the specific plot beats everyone wants to know. One thing is clear, “Will it offend a lot of people? One-hundred percent,” Bousman boasts. “Is it the goriest film ever made? We do some f**ked up shit. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the MPAA sees this. The opening scene is completely different than anything we’ve ever done in a ‘Saw’ film before. I’m blown away by what the prosthetic guys did in this. Sitting on the set, usually I can detach myself from what I see, but I was having a gag-reflex occurring. It was pretty horrific.”

Bousman, who began the editing process literally a day after wrapping principal photography, is now on a six-week post-production track racing for an October 26th release. Look for more stories from our meeting and an official still in the near future.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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