WrestleManiac Enters the Ring

Trailer, poster for potential cult classic

On a quick note, we thought we’d point you to a trailer for Jesse Baget’s Wrestlemaniac which you can now find at the film’s official MySpace page. Scoff at the title all you want (it was first penned under The Mexican Porn Massacre moniker and subsequently changed to El Mascarado Massacre), this one exudes testosterone, sleaze, gore and a good time. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why Lionsgate hasn’t already jumped all over this one for distribution. It’s currently being enjoyed in the UK and Italy.

Leyla Milani, Adam Huss, Jeremy Radin, Margeret Scarborough, Catherine Wreford and genre vet Irwin Keyes strut through a premise which finds some amateur filmmakers venturing into a ghost town to shoot a porno. That is, until “the best Mexican wrestler of all time” (thanks, Irwin) introduces himself to…rip their faces off!

No kiddin’. Watch below. Consume. Digest. Enjoy.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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