Pirates Goof Patrols Black Mountain

Holloway preps creature feature

In talking to Shmuel Reuven at The Jew Review, character actor Lee Arenberg revealed he moving from turbulent pirate-infested waters to a wooded environment where things are not much safer. He’s set to star in Rob Holloway’s Black Mountain. “The movie is a great actiony thing, sort of reminiscent of ‘Predator,’ and they really haven’t done anything like that in a while – a creature on the loose and getting hunted by the best. I think it’s going to be a great tale!”

Although he’ll forever be known as “The Eternal Flame” in Freaked to this writer, Arenberg has hooked a sizable fanbase for his turn as Pintel in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy.

Black Mountain marks Holloway’s directing debut. This newcomer is a former Army Ranger – that explains the film’s scenario which pits Army Rangers versus a creature on a mountain. Co-starring in the film are Chad Lindberg, Noel Gugliemi, Christian Oliver, Douglas Tait and Alicia Fusting.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Jew Review


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