Take a Dip in Black Water

See the trailer now!

A trailer for Australia’s killer croc flick Black Water can now be seen here.

David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki wrote and directed this tale inspired by true events: Three vacationers swing out into the mangrove swamps of Northern Austrlia for some swimming. There they hire a guide for a professional trip through the area, but their boat overturns, the guide is eaten and the remaining three are left to cling to nearby trees until the croc swims off. And he has no intention of doing so.

In a recent interview with Fango, Traucki explains this will be a different breed of nature-run-amok storytelling. In addition to using real crocs for the film, “I’ve always believed that truth is both stranger and stronger than fiction,” he says. “I love contemplating what I would do in an extreme situation—a life-and-death puzzle, the ultimate test. So what sets ‘Black Water’ apart is that rather than being heavily theatrical, it has been made to be as realistic as possible, sticking to its simple and raw premise without being burdened with artificial themes.”

Black Water is playing at the Cannes Film Festival today; keep it here for further distribution news.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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