New Line Acquires Plane Dead…

Good news for airborne zombies

…or as it has been re-titled Flight of the Dead. According to TwitchFilm, Scott Thomas’ tale of “zombies on a plane” has been picked up by the New Line Cinema Corporation. This is a coup for Thomas who has been making the festival and market rounds with his flick the last few months. (There was a heavy push at the American Film Market last year.)

New Line hasn’t announced where they plan to dock “Dead” – theatrical or DTV. One always hopes for the former.

You say you haven’t heard of the flick? Well, it’s been getting some praise for its ingenius scenario and execution: Set on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris, “Dead” – written by Thomas, Mark Onspaugh and Sidney Iwanter – pits passengers versus the undead when the infected corpse of a scientist is disturbed by rough turbulance. There’s a ton of genre vets doing their thing – like Richard Tyson (Big Bad Wolf), Kevin O’Connor (Deep Rising) and Erick Avari (Postal) – and it’s being called pure midnight movie fun. Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Twitch Film


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