EXCL: Smith Sails into Triangle

From the director of Severance

If there’s anything to be said about British writer-director Chris Smith (pictured), it’s that he likes to drastically change settings with every film. Creep found him rooting around the London underground with Franka Potente and a rodent-like genetic experiment, and in this month’s release, Severance, he’s pushing an ensemble cast of corporate goody-goodies through the woods with insane-o rebels nipping at their heels.

His next, he tells us, is Triangle, his biggest endeavor yet. “It has taken me four years to write it and it’s a movie that’s a major step up in terms of budget,” he says. “How it has to be handled is in a very sophisticated way. ” As the title suggests, most of the premise is set in the Bermuda Triangle. “It’s a psychological horror film set on an ocean liner. Weirdly, it’s a movie that will play in time loops, like a character getting stuck in a glitch. That’s what the Bermuda Triangle is and this character has to combat her way back. It’s a slick idea that I will get bang-on right.”

Smith will direct Triangle for Dan Films. Keep it here for our full interview with Smith and other treats from Severance soon. The horror-comedy opens in New York on May 18th and in Los Angeles on May 25th. A larger roll-out is expected June 1st.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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