Return to Rest Stop

Shiban preps for sequel

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s “little experiment that could” turned into a quite a lucrative venture for the studio thanks to a film called Rest Stop. John Shiban’s big feature debut about a girl stranded at a remote rest stop, and the killer who stalks her there, was shot in Los Angeles on a modest budget of $5 million early last year. It was released on DVD just around Halloween under WB’s Raw Feed label – and it cleaned up nicely. Now Shiban, in addition to fulfilling his duties on the CW program “Supernatural,” is heading back to his scripting program of choice to write “Rest Stop 2” and leading lady Jaimie Alexander may be along for the ride.

“This is how I see it, and this is the way I explained it to Warners,” Shiban tells Moviehole. “Remember ‘Mad Max?’ And remember the ‘Road Warrior?’ It was the same mythology and same character but it not only took it up a step, it took it in a different direction. I definitely want to bring back a number of the [original] people and keep the mythology going – but I just want to do a much different kind of movie.”

Rest Stop 2 is just one of the flicks slated for Raw Feed’s second wave of features. In addition to the first “Stop,” the label’s introductory trifecta consisted of Tony Krantz’s Sublime and Daniel Myrick’s Believers which will see a release towards the end of the summer.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Moviehole


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