Looking Ahead with Don Carmody

Silent Hill 2, Clock Tower and more

One would need a few minutes to thoroughly survey and reflect on producer Don Carmody’s extensive history in, not just the genre, but the filmmaking biz itself. He participated in the birth of David Cronenberg’s career – co-producing Canada’s forefather to Slither, Shivers (a.k.a. They Came From Within) – and he propelled Bob Clark’s knack for cinematic comedy into the Hollywood mainstream with Porky’s.

Shock caught up to this producing vet on the set of Dark Castle’s Whiteout where he’s serving as the thriller’s executive producer while shepherding along Roger Avery’s Driver for Rogue and Constantin Film. In just a few months he’ll see the release of Skinwalkers, which he co-produced with Dennis Barardi. Is there no slowing down for this guy? Not really. Right now he’s looking at the video game market as a wealth of inspiration for future big screen entertainment. And to back this up, he’s overseeing a sequel to Christophe Gans’ Silent Hill. “We’re developing, slowly, a screenplay,” he tell us. “I don’t think Christophe wants to direct it. He’s involved pretty heavily in another project right now.”

Then there’s another video game adaptation you might have heard of: Clock Tower. “It’s a tricky one to get,” Carmody admits, alluding to the project’s body count of scribes who have been caught in its gears for Mayhem Project and The Weinstein Company. As of last summer, Jorge Olquin was set to direct. So why is this one such a tough nut to crack? “I became involved in the project about a year ago and I just felt they were going the wrong way. So I added my two-cents and they’re trying to put it in. We’ll see what happens there. Hopefully it’ll develop out, not every iron you stick in the fire gets used.”

On the remake tip, “I was talking with Bob Clark about ‘Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things’ when, unfortunately, he was killed,” Carmody reveals. Earlier this month Clark was involved in a car accident where he and his son were struck in their vehicle by a drunk driver. “Sitting on my nightstand was another [scripted remake] based on one of Bob’s old movies that he had sent me. He told me he was disappointed in [Dimension Films’] ‘Black Christmas.’ He said, ‘If they’re going to remake my movies, I want to remake them.’ That’s why he wanted to do ‘Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.'” What stage of development the redux rests in now is unknown to Carmody. “Victor Solnicki was his partner on ‘Children’ and he was involved with ‘Black Christmas,’ so maybe they’ll proceed with a different director, but ‘Children’ didn’t have the same cache as Black Christmas, so who knows?”

Carmody says that he’s been approached by various entities to remake many of his older horror films including Shivers, Rabid and even Death Weekend. “I’m like, come on, let’s get some original ideas out there.”

Source: Ryan Rotten


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