Deimos to Kick Off Grindhouse DVD Line

Two double-features coming on July 3

Deimos Entertainment – widely known for their “Crypt of Terror” double-feature DVD series – is dipping into their vaults and extracting some choice ’70s/early-’80s fare to kick off a new line of discs under the banner “Welcome to the Grindhouse.”

Inspired by the recent reflection on a decade of tease-and-sleaze filmmaking, popularized by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse, Deimos will be surveying a wide array of martial arts, horror, sexploitation and action films – some from Crown International Pictures – to release under their new umbrella.

Come July 3rd, you can expect two double-features: “Welcome to the Grindhouse: Pick-up/The Teacher” and “Welcome to the Grindhouse: Evil Eye/Black Candles.” Each disc will come with trailers and theater ads to give you that grindhouse experience – whether you choose to soil your home theater to expand on the 42nd Street atmosphere is up to you.

Deimos’ former presentation is one for the ladies. In Pick-Up, two hippie chicks hitch a ride in an RV only to get lost in the Florida Everglades; Jill Senter, Alan Long and Gini Eastwood star. The Teacher, meanwhile, weaves a tale of a forbidden love between a teacher and her student… who become the target of a crazed Vietnam vet. Yay, good times! Former “Dennis the Menace” child actor Jay North appears in this one.

Horror is on tap for the latter double-feature with Evil Eye being the story of a man plagued by violent nightmares. When he is hospitalized, patients around him start pushing up daisies. And in 1983’s Black Candles, satanic rituals are afoot as a woman searches for her brother who has gone missing in England.

Check out to see some of Deimos’ past titles and look for their Paul Naschy-starring DVD releases Night of the Werewolf and Vengeance of the Zombies on May 8th.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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