Haunt Report: Fright Dome in Las Vegas


Fright Dome 2017

Fright Dome: A report from the 2017 incarnation of Las Vegas’ scariest haunted attraction

Las Vegas local Jason Egan is what you would call a well-rounded horror devotee. From serving as executive producer on fan-favorite horror flicks such as The Neighbor and Bloodsucking Bastards, he has also been the chief of U.S.S Salem’s haunted ghost ship in Boston. If that wasn’t enough, Egan is now in his 15th year of scaring the bejesus out of people at Las Vegas’ Fright Dome.

Opening night for what is now a Vegas institution, brought a bevy of incredible scare performers, as well as some familiar faces to the prestigious black carpet to ring in the evening, including Zac Bagans (Ghost Adventures), actress Sarah Nicklin (The Basement) and UFC’s Dana White.

The inside of the Adventuredome at Circus Circus is a whopping 25,000 square feet of enclosed horror fun, which Egan told us has some pretty great advantages. “There’s not many of these dome structures around, I think just a few in the United States. To be able to control the atmosphere means so much because you’re not going to lose your fog due to wind, the lighting’s going to be spot on, not to mention any other factors that mother nature can bestow on the outdoors.” This information can be vouched for by anyone that attends. The fog is extreme, and add into the equation laser lighting, and you have yourself some pretty amazing ambiance, and that is before even setting foot inside one of the mazes.

New to Fright Dome this season was “Happy Hell-idays,” a dark-twist on a variety of festive holidays. Residing within this recent addition are creepy Bunny rabbits and the largest animatronic Krampus this reader has seen. Also making its debut is “Zombie City,” a staggeringly large (15,000 square feet to be precise) tribute to the late George A. Romero, who Egan collaborated with on Fright Dome‘s 10th year. This maze really is long, giving you time to immerse yourself in this fantastical world. One word of warning, maybe wear a hat while navigating this one. The roof is adorned with so many creepy things hanging from it that it does start to really give you the heeby jeebies flicking things out of your face for such a lengthy period!

A return to last years “Killer Klowns” in 4D was a welcome return for 2017. Equipped with a pair of 3D glasses, one enters the psychedelic maze riddled with all types of clowns and garish encounters. The walk through the spinning tunnel never fails to impress, as well as leaving the squeamish with an upset stomach, and mind.

The maze that had me the most intrigued was “Lights Out.” This one is so exclusive that each participant experiences it completely alone (available to Fast Pass or VIP tour purchasing customers only). Although the wait time was quite long, it was thoroughly worth it. Without giving too much away, you are given an intermittently working flash-light, and for a portion of inhabiting this creepy sanitarium  are placed in a rickety wheelchair. The maze culminates in a spectacular ending that would give even the most seasoned haunt aficionado a startle. It is highly recommended to experience Lights Out as it was the stand-out for this writer.

All in all, Fright Dome is a well-rounded night of entertainment. In addition to the aforementioned haunts, thrill-seekers can navigate through the abundance of scare zones, as well as experience the other great attractions that the Adventuredome has to offer, including roller coasters and carnival games.

Thoroughly worth a trip to Vegas if you’re not a local. Fright Dome is open select nights from 7pm to Midnight, Sept. 29 – Oct. 31, with general admission tickets only $37.95, with additional fast pass upgrades starting at $20.00. Go here for tickets and more information.