Small Town Terror in Exclusive Besetment Clip



Besetment: Haunted hotel horror film hits VOD in June from Uncork’d Entertainment

With David Lynch‘s revamped return to Twin Peaks in full swing, it’s a good time to cast a glance at director Brad Douglas’s highly-anticipated horror/thriller/mystery Besetment, an eerie film whose horrors unfold in a small town were something is very, very wrong. Besetment stars Abby Wathen (The Bay) as a young woman who takes a job working in a very sinister hotel where she ends up fighting for her life.

Official synopsis: Amanda Millard, struggling and desperate for a job, takes a position at a hotel in a small town in Oregon. It’s a creepy, back country kind of town but owners Mildred Colvin and her son Billy seem nice enough at first. It’s not long before Amanda discovers their real intentions, and her struggle to make a living becomes a nightmarish battle for survival.

Wathen co-stars with Marlyn Mason (not Marilyn Manson, actually), Michael Meyer (close, but no, not either of those guys), Douglas Rowe, Lindsea Kline, Greg James, Hannah Barefoot, John T. Woods, Sonya Davis, Max Gutfreund, Liam O’Sruitheain, Sadndra Doolittle, Tanner McCullough, Ashley Layton, Nona Bigham, and Edward Simper.

Besetment premieres on VOD June 6 with a DVD release to follow September 5th from Uncorked Entertainment. Have a look at the exclusive clip below that charts some of the weirdness that Abby has to endure and then endure the official trailer below that…

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