Watch Trailer for Jess Franco Inspired Psychodrama S&M: Les Sadiques


Watch Trailer for Jess Franco Inspired Psychodrama S&M: Les Sadiques

German Jess Franco homage S&M: Les Sadiques releases official trailer

We just got an eyeful of a wild arthouse German thriller made by filmmakers who truly get the often confounding cinema of late Spanish exploitation legend Jess Franco called S&M: Les Sadiques. Directed and photographed by Alex Bakshaev, the film is a quasi companion piece to Franco’s 1971 Soledad Miranda film, Eugenie De Sade, both films being inspired by the writings of that marvelous pervert the Marquis De Sade and even sharing some key Berlin locations. It’s a stylish, super sexy little marvel of a movie and we have the trailer to share below.

Synopsis: S&M: Les Sadiques stars Sandra Bourdonnec as Sandra, a Sadean dominant figure who manipulates teenage runaway Marie (Nadine Pape) into commiting an atrocious act of violence to prove her fidelity. Kevin Kopacka co-stars as Corrado, a naive musician whose chance intrusion tips the already twisted relationship between the two women further off balance. Veteran New German Wave actor Harry Baer (‘Mr. Scarface’, ‘Gods of the Plague’) makes a cameo as uncle Franz. Set in wintry Berlin and partially scored with Daniel White cues familiar from 1970’s and 1980’s Eurociné and Jess Franco films, ‘S&M: Les Sadiques’ will appeal to those who like their eurosleaze atmospheric and stylish.

We’ll have more on the film soon but in the meantime, check out the wicked little, hyper-voyeuristic trailer below…