10 Amazing Udo Kier Performances

A look at 10 great roles essayed by beloved German character actor Udo Kier.

Veteran actor Udo Kier is a legend of cult cinema and man, has he ever earned that status.

The German born performer has lived many lives, starring in a myriad horror, exploitation and arthouse fare and always making his mark, whether it be in brief walk-ons or full blown starring roles.

It’s the way he acts with those eyes, those lazy-lidded, beautiful blue eyes.

It’s the structure of his facial bones, the way the skin stretches over them. It’s his lips.

It’s that voice, especially when it’s speaking English, that intense Teutonic syllabic attack.

Udo Kier has starred in hundreds of films, working for directors as diverse as Fassbinder to Argento to Lars von Trier to Astron-6 and narrowing his impressive and impactful body of work down to 10 key performances was not easy.

So rather than pick the best (a subjective task), we simply picked our favorites. Have a look at the list below and see if your favorite Udo Kier performance is in there…


Marvel and DC