15 Podcasts to Stream While in Quarantine


15 Podcasts to Stream While in Quarantine

15 Podcasts to Stream While in Quarantine

ComingSoon.net just debuted its first podcast, Stump the Editor (with special guest Jonah Ray), and to celebrate we’ve asked guest writer Kalyn Corrigan (Fangoria, Playboy, Vulture, etc) to curate a special list of her favorite podcasts for you to check out right now! Check out the list in the gallery below!

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“I want to show you something super cool. I’ve put together a very special list of a few of my favorite podcasts, and I hope you will give them each a listen, because they are all very dear to me. Knowing that right now, you might be listening to the same thing as me, wherever you are in this locked down city in your wood paneled kitchen with a cup of coffee in hand almost makes it feel like we’re sitting at the same table together, like we’re sharing a moment.

“It’s a hard thing we’re all going through right now, and it’s easy to feel alone in your struggle. When each day is so uncertain, it’s admittedly a little frightening – there’s a door that we’re all being asked to step through, and everything is different on the other side. Everything is strange.

“I recommend a walk to breathe in some greenery and listen to friends talking about horror movies and books and old Hollywood and the history of the world and authentic French cuisine and earth shattering musicians we lost too soon. An early morning rise to greet the sun, earbuds in hand, or a cool stroll at dusk as the sun bruises and shrinks and sinks into the sea.

“There’s something for everybody here, so pick your poison, but I highly suggest giving them all a whirl and seeing what sticks – you just might surprise yourself with something new. What better time to explore, to gain knowledge and try on different perspectives? Know that I’ll be listening too, and waiting to hear your thoughts. I hope to see you soon.” – Kalyn Corrigan