The Bloodcast 97: The Farewell Episode

After a nearly two-year run, I’m stepping away from The Bloodcast as is my co-host, Clarke Wolfe. So, I present to you…our final episode.

In this 97th installment, we look back at our favorite genre films and episode highlights of 2014.

Before we do that, we touch on The Taking of Deborah Logan, the forthcoming Deborah Hill documentary, the upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead television series, Mockingbird and more.

The Bloodcast 95: The Most Important People Working in Horror Today

The Bloodcast’s hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe take a look at the most important figures working in the horror film industry today.
We all know the classic “Masters of Horror,” but who are the power players today? Why are they important? Who should you keep an eye on? The two break it down.

Plus, a discussion on The Houses October Built, select Screamfest entries, Ryan’s quick trip to Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando and a lot more.

Shock’s Ryan Turek Returns to the Screamcast to Talk The Canal & Curtains

The Screamcast welcomes ShockTillYouDrop.com managed editor Ryan Turek back on the show. He joins hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson to discuss the recent release of The Canal and to reflect on Curtains, the slasher film which garnered some love via Blu-ray thanks to Synapse Films. Listen in to the episode now below, via iTunes or via the Screamcast official site!

The Bloodcast 94: Childhood Frights – What Scared Us?

On the 94th installment of The Bloodcast, Clarke and Ryan are looking back on their childhood fears.
From animated kids movies and television programs to early horror films, what did they see that scarred them for life? Further, what local video stores facilitated these nightmares?

But first, the pair discuss the new horror release Housebound, the insanely popular premieres of American Horror Story: Freak Show and The Walking Dead, and Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, and Wolves.

The Bloodcast 92: Halloween Horror Nights, Fantastic Fest Highlights & October…

The Bloodcast returns after a week off to begin October with a bit of catching up and looking forward. Hosts Clarke Wolfe and Ryan Turek recount their trips to Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando) and Fantastic Fest in Austin, respectively. Clarke recounts her favorite mazes while Ryan talks about the film highlights of the fest. They then move on to preview Beyond Fest in Los Angeles and the major horror releases coming to theaters and VOD this month.

The Screamcast Had Me On to Talk The Legend of Hell House & Haunted House Films

The fellas at The ScreamCast – a podcast that is definitely subscription-worthy for all horror fans – had me on recently to look at Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release of The Legend of Hell House. Our discussion also veered into the topic of the haunted house sub-genre in horror and our favorite titles that fall into this category. I had a blast talking with hosts Brad and Sean and, this morning, I awoke to find the episode is up! So, give it a listen below or via iTunes or via The ScreamCast site.

The Bloodcast 89: The Art of Marketing Horror Films

Think selling an audience on a horror film is easy? Think again.

For decades Hollywood has adjusted to new strategies to sell their scare flicks and, for this 89th edition of The Bloodcast, hosts Clarke Wolfe and Ryan Turek look at what has worked and what hasn’t.