Super Mario Party Gets Massive Online Update Out of Nowhere

In today’s fast-paced entertainment world, movies, TV shows, and video games are more disposable than ever. The hot new thing on a streaming service one month could be yesterday’s news in just a matter of weeks. That’s why it’s so surprising that Nintendo decided that April 2021 would be a great time to add online to Super Mario Party, a game they released all the way back in October 2018.

The eleventh mainline entry in the plumber-centric party game franchise, Super Mario Party, was seen as a return to form for the series after a disappointing set of entries on the Wii and Wii U. The game had the traditional board game action fans love in addition to some more unique modes. Still, it lacked a real way to enjoy most of this content with friends online.

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Today’s update changes all that by bringing the board game aspect of Mario Party online for the first time. In addition, those who just want to run through mini-games will be pleased to hear that 70 of the game’s 80 bite-sized challenges now support online play. Previously, players could only sample 10 of the mini-games online, so this is a huge improvement.

Players who dig up their copy of Super Mario Party will also need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to enjoy the new functionality. Friends can play together via the system’s friend list and in-game invites, and players can also trade passwords with others online for matchups against less friendly partygoers.

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There’s been little word on a follow-up to Super Mario Party since its release several years ago, but this online update proves that developers are still working on the franchise in some capacity. With summer’s usually busy gaming announcement season close at hand, perhaps Nintendo will have more to share on their casual party game series soon.