Marvel’s Avengers Launches Tachyon Anomaly Event

Square Enix continues to expand its superhero service game with a new event that lets Marvel’s Avengers players roll deep as a squad of four Iron Men, Incredible Hulks, or Captains America.

AIM has tampered with the timeline of Marvel’s gaming universe, creating Tachyon Anomalies that threaten to unravel the fabric of space and time. The Avengers must assemble to take on this threat in a set of newly introduced missions, and they’ll have assistance from other timelines.

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The Tachyon Anomaly event starts now and runs until May 3. During that time, players in matchmaking and teaming with their friends can choose multiples of the same hero. According to the in-game lore, these Avengers (who are converging from different timelines) can form unique team compositions inaccessible anywhere else in the game.

Anyone who takes part in the new Temporal Assault missions in-game will nab an animated nameplate as a reward. Completing further missions will score players priority set pieces for high-level heroes, adding some much-needed extra loop to the Marvel’s Avengers endgame.

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In addition to the new missions and the unique team composition, players playing during the Tachyon Anomaly event can access Tachyon Rift missions no matter their power level. These are timed missions players can grind for Cosmic gear, and they’re generally only suitable for those who’ve already completed the campaign. The event also introduces the new “And We’re Back” mission, so even Avengers veterans have something new to do.

The Tachyon Anomaly is just one event in a series of happenings in Marvel’s Avengers designed to keep the player base going despite a rocky launch. Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics also launched a new story campaign earlier this year that introduced archers Hawkeye and Kate Bishop to the roster. Black Panther’s inclusion is still on the horizon.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia.