Song of Horror Trailer Reveals PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Release Date

Song of Horror Trailer Reveals PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Release Date!

Song of Horror trailer reveals PlayStation 4 & Xbox One release date!

Just under a year after the title first debuted on Steam, Raiser Games has unveiled a new trailer for the terrifying Song of Horror announcing a May 28 date for the game’s release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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The story starts as famed writer Sebastian P. Husher goes missing along with his entire family, his disappearance determined by his editor who sends an assistant to Husher’s house looking for him, only for the assistant to never return. Players will then take on one of a varied set of characters to investigate Husher’s disappearance, which seems linked to a nameless dark entity known only as The Presence.

This entity is being controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence that adapts to players’ actions and decisions, forcing them to experience unbearable fear as this otherworldly being responds to the way of play gamers bring to the title and will hunt them down in unexpected ways, offering a unique experience that moves away from scripted scares.

Players will take on one of 13 characters related to this story, each with their own unique point of view to the investigation that allows them to approach clues and items differently, with their actions and decisions shaping the world around them. Some will know more or less of certain aspects of the story, some will be more effective against supernatural manifestations, but all of them can die if The Presence gets to them and death is permanent, requiring players to pick up the story and investigation from another character should the player die.

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Song of Horror is currently available on Steam and will become available for PS4 and Xbox One players on May 28!