Need for Speed Unbound’s First Big Update Adds New Cars, Features, & More

Need for Speed Unbound released widely in December 2022 to some of the highest praise the series has seen in a while. Criterion Software isn’t done with it, though, and has announced its first big update that’ll be coming to the game on March 21.

Volume 2, as it is dubbed, will bring in new upgrades, events, and daily challenges that will reward players with experience, money, and new vehicles. There will be 40 new challenges and three every day, in addition to the Hot Laps circuit, which are short 30-second time trials.

There will also be a slew of new cosmetics like effects, poses, and stickers, as well as more cars. The update will even mix up how players can race since it adds new playlists (where racers can earn the Rare Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition) and events like Endurance Events and Rumble Races. There are also multiplayer races where players can provoke the police and race alongside their friends or turn against them to get more rewards at the end.

This free update will also be dropping alongside some premium DLC. The Keys to the Map DLC will be $4.99 and reveal the location of the game’s 260 collectibles and 160 activities and come with a Fury and Zen clothing pack that includes a jacket, T-shirt, sweatpants, and cap.

Criterion also noted that this was the “first in a series of post-launch updates,” but did not go into detail about how many more updates were planned.


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