Hogwarts Legacy Update Fixes Dozens of Bugs

Hogwarts Legacy is a big, open-world game, and like most big open-world games, it launched with a fair share of bugs. It now has a few less of them, though, thanks to its latest update.

This giant patch is now live for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players and touches on a number of technical issues. Many of these have to do with specific quests, one of which concerns the mooncalf Biscuit who was forever locked in a cage in some situations and kept players from getting the related trophy or achievement.

There are also a few performance-related notes, as Avalanche says that streaming issues in the school have been addressed. Ray tracing will also be more stable in long sessions, visual effects will also be better when ray tracing is on, and performance should be slightly better for that feature across the board. The notes are slightly different for each platform, as shown by how the controller light, Activity Cards, and Game Help will all be better on PS5, how the Xbox version will run better on fidelity mode, and how the PC version will now better adapt to what controller is plugged in.


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