Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gameplay Video Previews New Jedi Puzzle Rooms

Respawn Entertainment recently previewed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s combat mechanics, and now the team is detailing some of the game’s more cerebral parts. The developer released a spoiler-free walkthrough of one of its Jedi Chambers, which function as puzzle rooms.

As shown by IGN, these Jedi Chambers are mostly optional side quests players can partake in to change up the pace. Their puzzles give users ways to exercise their Force powers in less combative scenarios. This specific chamber has Cal moving orbs around to power bridges. And since they take place in Jedi-focused areas that have been around for hundreds of years, players can also find collectibles that teach them about the Jedi that were there, too.

Design Director Jeff Magers also stated the rewards will be worth it, saying that they will award perks upon completion that players can use to customize how Cal plays. And while there will be cosmetic customization options for Cal, he took the opportunity to riff on the first game’s constant barrage of new ponchos, which some might have found less rewarding.


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