The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Video Highlights How Gun Captured Authentic Chainsaw Sounds

Gun Interactive has repeatedly boasted about its commitment to authenticity for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This pledge has not stopped with its audio, as the team recently released a short behind-the-scenes video detailing the steps it went through to capture the game’s soundscape, particularly in regards to its titular chainsaw.

This video shows how Gun went through pains even get the carving tool to work. Since the model from the film is around 50 years old at this point, it appeared as though the team had trouble getting it to start in some instances. It would be easier to use a more modern one, but it wouldn’t be the same, according to Gun CEO and President Wes Keltner.

“Yes, we could have gotten a modern chainsaw, but that’s not the correct chainsaw,” he said. “It doesn’t have the same sound profile. To us, we think that matters.”

Gun also ran through how it captured the sound specifically for the chainsaw. It placed multiple microphones in a field and on the chainsaw wearer, giving the sound team multiple samples to go through. Keltner said he thinks that this level of fidelity means that it “far exceeds what we can actually hear from the [1974] film.”


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