GigaBash’s Godzilla & Friends DLC Is Now Live With Free New Modes

As was previously teased, Godzilla is finally playable in GigaBash, Passion Republic Games’ kaiju brawler, alongside Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah. The four fighters came with a hefty update that added a new mode as well as cross-platform play. 

The Godzilla 4 Kaiju Pack is $9.99 and includes the four aforementioned characters. They all have unique abilities and even feature iconic moves from the films, as shown by the Godzilla’s classic dropkick. Mechagodzilla plays a little differently, as players have to manage various resources for its different weapons.

The 1.1 update also enabled cross-platform play, meaning PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 users can all play in one big pool. However, players can’t invite their friends on other systems into private games. 

The patch came with a few new modes, too. Onslaught is a wave-based survival mode where up to two players can tackle endless hordes of enemies. Arcade Mode is a solo endeavor where players go against eight opponents that get tougher and tougher before culminating in a boss fight. Its Mayhem Mode can also now be experienced in private matches, so users can invite their friends to play some mini-games. There’s now even a quick chat feature that lets combatants chat with emotes before a match.


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