The Hulk Is Midnight Suns' Final Launch Hero

The Hulk Is Midnight Suns’ Final Launch Hero

Developer Firaxis Games has run down most of the Midnight Suns roster from Blade to Ghost Rider, but it kept teasing that there was one final launch character to unveil. It wasn’t clear if their identity would be a spoiler, but now the studio has finally confirmed that this mystery hero is The Hulk.

The game’s official Twitter account posted the picture of the radioactive brute lunging at the camera and acknowledged the joke surrounding his reveal. Hulk was in prior trailers, so it wasn’t the biggest surprise that he was in the game.

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However, he was under the influence of the game’s antagonist Lilith in that footage, meaning it wasn’t a complete given he’d be playable or even in the launch roster. For example, Venom is also in that same trailer, but is only playable in post-launch DLC.

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Firaxis recently held a stream speaking about The Hulk and went through his abilities. The developers noted that he’s quite powerful because he’s unlocked so late into the game. Hulk also has a unique mechanic called Rage where his attacks get more powerful as he takes damage, but players spend Rage when they attack, meaning it is yet another resource to keep track of. His attacks are also generally quite powerful, yet they are balanced out by their hefty resource requirements.


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