New Street Fighter 6 Control Scheme Makes Button Mashing More Effective

New Street Fighter 6 Control Scheme Makes Button Mashing More Effective

Capcom has already detailed its new Modern control scheme in Street Fighter 6 that simplifies the game’s inputs. Now the company has revealed the new Dynamic control scheme that further streamlines the game’s commands and is more welcoming to button mashers.

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As revealed through Game Informer, this new system is based on distance, so the attack that comes out will be different depending on how close or far the characters are to each other. For example, pressing a button from far away will make the character throw a projectile but mashing while the opponent is close will result in a melee strike; it’s whatever the A.I. dynamically dictates is more appropriate.

Director Takayuki Nakayama said that the buttons all have different “rules,” and while he didn’t explain those rules, he said he also expected that these newer players won’t think about those rules either. He went on to say that this control scheme came about because he noticed that novices whiff a ton of attacks when they pound on the pad.

“I wanted something useful to happen by just randomly pressing buttons,” he said. “This was purely my goal, but I wanted to create a system that would reflect the actions the player wanted to take.”

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Classic and Modern control schemes will be usable online and offline, but, given its advantages, Dynamic will only be relegated to offline play. Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto showed this off in a local match, as Matsumoto was using Dynamic and Nakayama was playing with Classic controls.


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