MultiVersus' Stripe Is Likely Coming This Week

MultiVersus’ Stripe Is Likely Coming This Week

MultiVersus‘ roster is still growing during its first few months and finally getting one of the characters from Season 1’s key art. Player First Games recently strongly implied that Stripe is coming to the game this week, joining his nemesis Gizmo, who joined the lineup last month.

It’s not clear what day Stripe is coming to the game, though. MultiVersus‘ Twitter account noted that the week of October 10 was going to get ” a bit chaotic.” It’s possibly going to be October 11 or October 13, as characters have dropped on Tuesday and Thursday in the past. The MultiVersus Twitter account seems to drop these hints a week or so before the character’s launch, too.

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Stripe will be an assassin character, as noted by his animated character card. He’ll use a chainsaw, gun, and his claws, but more details will come later when his debut trailer drops. Game Director Tony Huynh noted that he was a rushdown character, so he might be for those who prefer rapidly attacking their foes. Daniel Ross, who also voices Shaggy’s Uncle Shagworthy variant and Gizmo, will also be providing the voice.

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