Midnight Suns' Magik Teaser Previews Reality-Bending Powers

Midnight Suns’ Magik Teaser Previews Teleportation Powers

Firaxis Games only took a small break from showing more Midnight Suns, as the studio just dropped a teaser for Magik. This teaser shows off her teleportation abilities, which seem core to her kit.

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Magik can be seen using those powers in multiple ways, but it’s currently unclear what effect they’ll have during gameplay. The mutant sorceress also wields the Soulsword, a magical blade forged in Limbo, however, the teaser didn’t show much of it in action. And while unconfirmed, it appears as though Laura Bailey is providing Magik’s voice.

More will be revealed soon before the title’s December 2 launch, as there will undoubtedly be a more detailed gameplay breakdown for Magik later in the week. The studio regularly drops these kinds of teasers before putting out a more in-depth dissection a few days later.

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