New God of War Ragnarök Video Tours Svartalfheim Realm

New God of War Ragnarök Video Tours Svartalfheim Realm

More God of War Ragnarök gameplay is still slowly trickling out. After debuting a short combat-heavy video, Santa Monica Studio released footage of Svartalfheim, the dwarven realm.

Game Informer’s short video had condensed snippets of interviews from Lead Level Designer James Riding and Level Designer Jon Hickenbottom (which are fleshed out in the outlet’s written article) and they talked about the verticality of this new realm. Some of this verticality will come from new geysers (which can be frozen by the Leviathan Axe) and explosive pots (which can be detonated with the Blades of Chaos). These objects will play a role in its environmental puzzles that show off the architectural skill of the dwarves.

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Svartalfheim was one of the few realms players could see within the realm travel room in the 2018 entry, but could not go to. Players will be able to travel to all nine realms in Ragnarök and returning ones will “feel new again.”

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