Gotham Knights Gameplay Video Shows Off Harley Quinn Boss Fight

Gotham Knights Gameplay Video Shows Off Harley Quinn Boss Fight

WB Games Montréal only recently confirmed that Harley Quinn was in Gotham Knights, and now it has showed off even more of the iconic villain. The studio released a fairly long gameplay video of the Harley Quinn boss fight in the game, giving players a more substantial look at this slightly different version of the character.

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IGN debuted the video as a part of its IGN First series on the game. Game Director Geoff Ellenor gave context for the fighting, saying that players have been pursuing Harley at this point in the story in Gotham Hospital in order to confront her about the carnage she has been causing. After some performative preamble, the fight begins in earnest and players go against her and her mighty hammer. The fight escalates as players do more damage, as she calls in goons for a second round before returning with an electrified hammer and some more henchmen.

The video also gives more of a look at Nightwing’s powers, as he has a quick projectile, a move that appears to stun and blind people around him, a wave-like shockwave that freezes those caught in its path, an ability where his Escrima Sticks spin around him, and a simple pounce. And since there are four different characters and two-player co-op, this fight can play out a number of different ways.

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