Gotham Knights Trailer

Gotham Knights Trailer Reveals New Villains and Earlier Release Date

Gotham Knights has already gotten four character trailers for each of its protagonists, but WB Games Montréal has one more trailer in store for Opening Night Live. This newest peak at the game shows off some of its villains and its new release date. And while most games get delayed, Warner Bros. has actually moved the release date up to October 21.

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While Mr. Freeze was in prior trailers, this latest video shows off Harley Quinn and Clayface, two popular baddies that have been in countless other Batman stories. The three are shown in various cutscenes and it even seems to show players a bit of their boss fights. And while she isn’t a villain, Renee Montoya is also in the trailer.

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Warner Bros. gave no reason for pushing the release date up a few days, but it does give Gotham Knights a few more days of breathing room as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Bayonetta 3, and Resident Evil Village‘s DLC are all coming out on October 28.


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