Dune: Awakening Announced From Funcom

Dune: Awakening Trailer Reveals New Video Game

Funcom released Dune: Spice Wars in early access in April 2022, but that was just one Dune game it had in development. The team took to Gamescom to show the other one, which had previously been mentioned. This other Dune game is called Dune: Awakening and got its first trailer during the show. It’s coming sometime in the future for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Dune: Awakening is an open-world survival MMO and takes place on Arrakis that will also be “shared by thousands of players.” Arrakis will be one seamless world that combines tough survival gameplay and the social aspects of large, persistent online games.

Going to the game’s website will let users sign up for its beta. It gives a little more information about the game, too. Players have to take shelter against the environment, maintain their stillsuit, avoid worms, scavenge spaceships, explored uncharted areas for resources, control the world’s spice supply, make friends with the locals, and customize their character with new abilities and creations.

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