South Park Video Game Announced, THQ Nordic Publishing

South Park Video Game Announced, THQ Nordic Publishing

THQ Nordic held its digital showcase, which contained multiple trailers for a variety of games. One reveal, however, was saved until the very end after the ending splash screen where many likely tuned out. This is bizarrely where THQ Nordic announced that it was publishing a South Park video game.

The splash screen stated that THQ Nordic still had 26 unannounced games before the number was scribbled out. It then cut to the South Park Digital Studios logo and audio of Randy Marsh likely using the toilet (which is seemingly a reference to the Season 11 episode “More Crap”) and saying “it” was coming. The “26” from the last screen then changed to a “25” before the stream actually ended.

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No other details were shared and it’s not even clear what developer is on the project. A job listing on Question Games’ website said the team was making a South Park game, but it hasn’t been confirmed if this is the same project.

Ubisoft published the last two South Park games, 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth and 2017’s South Park: The Fractured but Whole. Stick of Truth was a turn-based RPG, while Fractured was more of a tactical, grid-based RPG. Both were received quite well.

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