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Sony Details New View Modes for PlayStation VR2, Price & Date Coming Soon

A new post on the PlayStation Blog from Senior Staff Product Manager Yasuo Takahashi has detailed several features of the PlayStation VR2 headset. The upcoming upgrade to Sony’s virtual reality device seems to adapt many of the innovations brought on by other headsets on the market, bringing the technology of Meta’s Quest 2 and Valve’s Index to the console space. Players can expect the ability to see through the headset while wearing it, an improvement to the live stream experience during gaming, and an option to see PlayStation 5 content on a virtual cinema stream while not specifically in VR.

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See-Through View is a vital option for extended play sessions in any virtual reality device, so it’s certainly welcome for the PS VR2. The blog post details that players will get a black and white view of their immediate surroundings at the press of the headset’s function button . The ability to peek through the headset is also available via in-game menus found in the PS5’s system-level cards.

Also available via those menus is the ability to adjust the play area for VR use. This means players can set out a safe play space free of furniture, debris, and (hopefully) household pets. When players get close to the set barrier, the headset will display a wall and discourage movement that could lead to stubbed toes and other injuries.

Something unique to Sony’s offering is its streaming setup for gamers looking to broadcast their VR adventures. Hooking up the PlayStation 5 camera to a PS VR2 setup can cut out the player in the headset and place them in the corner for a stream, letting players see real-time reactions to games like Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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It’s also possible for players to view content as if they were watching it in a virtual theater. While Sony has previously spoken about the HDR and 4K capabilities of PS VR2’s OLED screens, non-VR content can be viewed on a massive virtual display at 1080p. So, while watching YouTube videos on the headset might lose some fidelity over the most giant 4K TVs, it may be worth it for more modest setups and shorter sessions.

Sony still didn’t reveal a price or release date for the system. However, Takahashi noted that the company will be sharing those details soon, in addition to more general tidbits and games coming to the virtual reality headset.


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