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Will Poulter Reflects on Doing Motion Capture for 3 Characters in Little Hope

Will Poulter recently made his debut in the world of video games in 2020’s The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, a game that acted essentially as a playable horror film. Speaking to ComingSoon, Poulter spoke about his experiences with motion capture, as well as what it was like stepping into a video game role.

“I’d never done really any motion capture before, so that was my first experience and it was super fun,” said Poulter of the process of making the game. “I really enjoyed it. It was actually a really fun creative challenge. And I have to confess, I’m not a big gamer, but I’ve got plenty of friends and family members who are, so it was cool to be involved. And it was a real learning experience. I’m really grateful that a part and parcel of this job is having to adapt to different styles of filmmaking, forms of media, and genres. And that was just a really, really cool opportunity to do something very, very different and flex some new muscles.”

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In the game, Poulter plays three roles — Andrew, Anthony, and Abraham — all of whom speak in different accents. When channeling different voices for the roles, Poulter said that he drew upon his father (who is from Yorkshire, England) for one of them, and spoke of how tough of a challenge it was.

“Yeah, that was cool,” said Poulter of working as three different characters. “My dad is from Yorkshire, so I think I was channeling a little bit of my dad in northern England there, which was fun to do. And it was a really cool opportunity to get to play three different characters in the context of a video game. It sort of meant that there was a really legitimately fun, challenging acting task in there. And I had a blast with those folks at Supermassive Games.”


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