Report: Kojima's Next Game Is a Horror Game Starring Margaret Qualley

Report: Kojima’s Next Game Is a Horror Game Starring Margaret Qualley

Kojima Productions’ next game has been a mystery since it hasn’t revealed what it has been creating after Death Stranding and its director’s cut. Reports have pointed to various projects it may or may not be working on and now another has contributed to that stack. The newest of said reports states that Kojima is working on a horror game called Overdose.

This report comes from insider Tom Henderson and Try Hard Guides. He claims he saw footage of Overdose in action, which stars actor Margaret Qualley — known for her role as Mama in Death Stranding — in a blue dress. It then shows the main character walking through some dark corridors with a flashlight. A jump scare plays at the end before flashing to “GAMEOVER” and then Hideo Kojima’s name and the game’s title.

A bit of its logo also may have leaked. An alleged insider also seemingly tweeted about it on June 6, and is the same person who appears to have leaked the entire last State of Play before it aired. There weren’t any gameplay details, but it can reportedly be played in first-person or third-person.

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Try Hard Guides’ report brings up the other report stating that Microsoft had inked a deal with Kojima, but wasn’t able to verify it. However, given the state of the assets, Henderson seemed confident that it was probably going to be announced soon. Henderson also said that Kojima Production reached out after it went live and asked him to take the article down.

Xbox’s summer press conference is on June 12, so if the Microsoft deal is legitimate, that might be a good place to reveal the title (if this is even that game in the deal). Kojima was also on a Zoom call with Summer Game Fest Live’s Geoff Keighley, meaning it’s possible the game might appear in a few days at that show, too, if at all.

There were other reports saying Kojima was making a horror game and even a Silent Hill game. Manga artist Junji Ito also said in 2020 that he had talked to Kojima (the two were supposed to collaborate on P.T.). Kojima also tweeted about horror games while watching horror films in November 2019. He then also spoke about wanting to make horror games in April 2020.

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Actor Norman Reedus also seemingly confirmed another Death Stranding, which was something Kojima’s cheeky response somewhat gave credence to. With so many rumors and reports and the fact that Kojima recently opened up a multimedia studio, the teams are obviously working on something, possibly even a game that has been in one of these leaks.


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