Marvel's Avengers Loves God of Thunder, Adds Cosmic Herald Outfit

Marvel’s Avengers Gives Thor a Cosmic Comic Suit

Marvel’s Avengers continues to mine the comics history of its heroes for new costumes to sell in its in-game shop. This week’s offering is more recent than most, capturing Goldilocks in his Cosmic Herald attire from 2020’s Donny Cates-penned relaunch of the main Thor book, simply titled “Thor (2020) #1.”

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As the name suggests, this comes from a time when the God of Thunder served as a herald for Galactus, the gigantic space baddie that literally eats planets for breakfast. Instead of serving as Galactus’ servant, Thor was granted cosmic power to fight against the Black Winter, a force that eats reality in much the same way that Galactus consumes worlds.

The getup will be in the game’s marketplace on June 2 and, if the price is consistent with other similar premium skins, will cost 1,400 credits or around $14. And as is the case with all Marvel’s Avengers cosmetics, Thor Odinson does not gain the power cosmic when he straps on these old garbs, but he does get another look that fans of the recent storyline will appreciate.

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Players can probably expect several more new Thor costumes in the near future, as Crystal Dynamics is undoubtedly planning something to coincide with the release of the MCU’s next blockbuster. Not only does Thor: Love and Thunder focus on the character Chris Hemsworth brings to the screen, but it pairs him with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and Lady Thor. The female incarnation of Thor will also likely be joining Square Enix’s superhero game around the time of the movie’s launch, and MCU costumes are sure to follow.


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