Xbox Reveals Repulsive, Hairy Sonic Controllers

Xbox Reveals Repulsive, Hairy Sonic-Branded Controllers

Xbox has prided itself on its controllers, whether it be the accessibility-focused Adaptive Controller, expensive Elite series, or the customizable Design Labs pads. This makes the most recent new controller reveal a bit puzzling since Xbox showed off some Sonic the Hedgehog-branded ones that are covered in long hair.

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The official Xbox Twitter account debuted these two new abominations, with one matching Knuckles’ fur and the other correlating to Sonic. As is plainly visible, these pads are covered with fuzz that pokes up around every button, almost fully covering the more flush ones. It seems designed to encourage and retain a high amount of sweat.

It doesn’t appear as though curious users or hardcore Sonic fans can just buy these, as they are a part of a sweepstakes, which ends on April 30, 2022 at 8 p.m. PT. Anyone in an Xbox Live-supported region who follows the main Xbox account and retweets the above tweet (those in the United States can also spend Microsoft Rewards points) will be entered for a chance to win the controllers and an Xbox Series S console. Thankfully, the console itself isn’t hairy — likely for temperature-related reasons — but does include the iconic Sonic ring around the circular vent on the system’s top.

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Without a drop of irony, Xbox also tweeted about its aesthetically pleasing lineup of spring controllers 34 minutes later.


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