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Discord Adds PlayStation Network Integration

PlayStation announced a partnership with Discord in May 2021 and now the first result of that deal is starting to come to light. Starting today, Discord users can add their PlayStation Network accounts to the app.

As announced by Discord, users can open up the Discord app on PC or mobile devices, go to “Connections,” and find the PlayStation logo. From there, they can just log into their PlayStation account. Doing so will let other Discord users see what PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 apps or games they are using in addition to displaying their PSN ID, which is handy for the ever-increasing list of cross-platform games. This will show up through two new options —“Display on Profile” and “Display PlayStation Network as your status” — which players can turn on or off. However, users must make sure that their PSN status and their “Now Playing” settings are set to “Anyone” in their PlayStation account settings.

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However, the feature is still rolling out, so some users will have to be a little patient. Discord also currently lets users connect their Steam, Xbox, Spotify,, Twitch, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook accounts, making PlayStation the eleventh service to be added to the list.

The partnership seems like it will grow more in the future and this integration is just the first step as Sony Interactive Entertainment invested a minority stake in the company.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with PlayStation and explore how we can collectively create great shared experiences for your friends and communities,” said Discord on its website.

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