Dying Light 2 Dev Further Clarifies 500-Hour Completion Claim

Dying Light 2 Dev Further Clarifies 500-Hour Completion Claim

Techland recently stirred up the pot when it randomly tweeted the supposed completion time for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The 500-hour claim took many by surprise and drew plenty of criticism. The team tried to elaborate on that outrageous hour count by saying that it would take players around 500 hours to see everything in the game. However, that was still vague, causing the team to fully break down hour estimates for each type of player.

Techland recently put out a simple tweet with some numbers and, more importantly, explanations. The studio estimates that those who want to mainline the title will take around 20 hours to hit the end credits, which is just a few hours longer than the first game. Players who want to do every campaign and story mission will be looking at about 80 hours of content, a 20 to 30-hour increase over the first title.

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However, full completionists will have to spend about 500 hours in the game to truly see everything. This includes every main quest, side mission, choice, ending, collectible, point on the map, and bit of dialogue. It’s an absurdly large number for this type of game and is where it drew the most criticism, but seeing as though the estimate is mostly derived from replaying the game multiple times, it begins to make more sense as Techland has repeatedly spoken about the game’s big, world-changing choices.

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Techland didn’t quite make this clear in its initial round of tweets, but some did point out that 500 hours wasn’t going to be an average playthrough (while other developers poked fun at it). For example, former member of the press and current developer at Sony Santa Monica Alanah Pearce stated that Techland told her an average playthrough would take around 20 t0 30 hours. The team had previously tried to reign in that claim multiple times, but the embedded tweet finally gave an explanation for each approximation in one, easy-to-read graphic. While some are still criticizing the game for its length within a sea of giant, open-world games, players only have to wait until February 4 to see if it justifies its size or not.


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