Hideo Kojima Working on Two Games, Reveals 2021 Goals
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Hideo Kojima Working on 2 Games, Reveals 2022 Goals

Legendary video game developer Hideo Kojima has recently teased that he and his team at Kojima Productions are working on two different video games.

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The news comes courtesy of Famitsu‘s annual end-of-year interview series (via Gematsu) with various creators in the video game industry. The site interviewed 127 creators in 2021, many of whom spoke about their upcoming projects or what they’d like to accomplish. When it came to Kojima, though, he teased work on two separate projects.

“A big title, and a title that’s a new challenge,” said Kojima when discussing his plans for 2022. “As the boundaries of entertainment disappear in the near future, I’d like to make this a year that we take a step forward into challenging different mediums and expressions.”

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It’s currently unclear exactly what Kojima could be referring to. And while the bit about “challenging different mediums and expressions” might have something to do with the new multimedia studio Kojima opened up in November, the hints towards the two titles he spoke of may be related to other previously reported projects. One could be a sequel to Death Stranding as Norman Reedus hinted at the game receiving a sequel, noting that they were in negotiations to produce one.

Another could be whatever he’s allegedly doing with Microsoft, as reporter Jeff Grubb stated in July that the two parties “signed a letter of intent,” signaling their plans to work together. Given how the report states that it is supposed to use Microsoft’s tech, this could be the one that’s a “new challenge.” Head of Xbox Phil Spencer also had a Kojima Productions figure on his shelf, teasing said deal, which Microsoft has done in the past. However, Microsoft has not confirmed this deal and Kojima Productions has also not confirmed it is developing another Death Stranding. There’s also a report from Gematsu that Kojima Productions is developing another Silent Hill, which is also unconfirmed.

Whatever the titles end up being, we know they will likely end up being very unique, as Kojima has never been one to shy away from making something that might seem weird to others. Death Stranding is a prime example of that. Considering his comments on taking a step forward into different mediums, it’ll be interesting to see what the talented creative has in store whenever he is ready to showcase it.


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