New Concept Art Reveals Bearded Bat from WB Montreal's Canceled Batman Game

New Concept Art Reveals Two Batmen from WB Montreal’s Canceled Batman Game

It has been known for few years that Warner Bros. Montreal was reportedly working on another Batman video game starring Damian Wayne. That game was canceled and paved the way for the team to move on to Gotham Knights. Some alleged concept art leaked for the ill-fated title, but never revealed what Batman would look like. However, new art has surfaced and has potentially shown not one, but two of this game’s Batmen: Damian Wayne’s younger Bat and Bruce Wayne’s older, more grizzled Batman.

Reddit user thebananapeeler2 found the concept art on freelance concept artist Goran Bukvic’s ArtStation page. The description says it is not for a movie, but a game that was canceled “a long time ago.” The page contains a look at an older Bruce Wayne with a beard as well as a younger Batman Beyond-esque Batman with a seemingly more technologically advanced suit complete with red undertones. The page didn’t contain the actual names, but given how it lines up with WB Montreal’s canceled Batman game, it is likely Bruce and Damian.

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Concept also leaked in 2019 and showed off scenes of Gotham and Batman riding on his Batcycle. There was even concept art for Two-Face, a radically different Poison Ivy, and a femme fatale Black Mask.

This game, while never outright confirmed by Warner Bros., was caught up in the turbulence at WB Montreal. Kotaku reported in 2016 that the team’s Suicide Squad game (which is different from Rocksteady Studios’ upcoming Suicide Squad game) had been canned. WB Montreal’s Suicide Squad game was even teased at the end of its Batman: Arkham Origins game from 2013, making this cancelation even more unexpected. The studio then moved to this Damian Wayne game before it was also canned. Gotham Knights, its current project, is slated for 2022 and it will be the studio’s first full game since 2013.

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