Animal Crossing Monopoly Board Coming Soon

Animal Crossing is a series all about owing money, or bells, so it makes sense that it is getting its own Monopoly board. The newly announced official Animal Crossing Monopoly board will be $24.99 and will come out in August.

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EntertainmentEarth, an online storefront for licensed products, is selling said board, which some knew was coming since it had leaked beforehand. The product page says that it is based on New Horizons, the Nintendo Switch version of the franchise that exploded in popularity. This board game seems to offer a bit of a twist on the traditional Monopoly format. It has villager tokens, skill cards, special Animal Crossing-themed cards, and a Nook’s Cranny die that all have different functions. According to CNET, players will be able to pick their Villager and players will earn buy bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit every time another player lands on their spot.

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Users can then sell them at Nook’s Cranny in exchange for decorations. Nook Miles are seemingly the most worthy currency since they determine who wins and those are doled out through decorations.

Every game board comes with the following:

  • Four character tokens
  • Four skill cards
  • 35 Decoration cards
  • 14 Chance cards
  • 14 Nook Miles cards
  • 160 Resource Cards
  • 40 Five-Bell coins
  • 54 Bell coins
  • 40 player markers
  • A numbered die
  • A Nook’s Cranny die
  • A label sheet
  • The game rules