Sony State of Play Slated For Later This Week

Sony State of Play Slated For Later This Week

Rumors were swirling about a State of Play coming in early July and they seem to have been accurate. Sony has confirmed that its State of Play presentation is slated for July 8 at 2 p.m. PT and will contain a deep dive on Deathloop along with a few looks into a variety of unspecified indie and third-party titles. The 30-minute show, however, will not have news about the upcoming God of War sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, or the next PSVR headset.

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Sony did not divulge exactly how much of the State of Play will focus on Deathloop, but the shooter will get an extended gameplay demo. Sony has shown of the PlayStation 5 console exclusive many times before so it remains to be seen what still, well, remains to be seen at this point. The game has had a lot of time in the limelight as it has been delayed a few times: first from late 2020 to spring 2021 then from May 21 to September 14, 2021, which is where it currently stands.

It’s not clear what indie and third-party games will show up. Sony just said it would have “updates” on these games, meaning there will at least be some news or trailers on games that were previously announced.

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Given that God of War and Horizon won’t be there, this is very likely not the E3-like event many were expecting. While Sony might possibly show games like the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima expansion (although just remember that it’s not listed), this seems like it will be a relatively normal presentation that could fit in any other time of year and not part of the megaton-filled E3 hype train some assumed it might be.


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