Grand Theft Auto VI Rumors Point to Vice City, Potential Release Window

Grand Theft Auto VI Rumors Point to Vice City, Potential Release Window

Players have been clamoring for Grand Theft Auto VI news for quite some time, which is usually why it starts to trend. Most of those rumors have likely been fans trying to spin something out of the dead air, but now some of these recent leaks might actually have some merit. According to a few reputable sources. GTAVI is going to be set in modern-day Vice City with multiple protagonists only on current-gen systems. One of these sources speculates that the game won’t come out until 2024 or 2025.

Noted Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson released a video (which you can find below) about the rumored Grand Theft Auto VI. He gave the caveat that he isn’t known for leaks in this series, but wanted to do something with the things he has heard. While previous rumors stated it would a game set in ’80s or ’90s, it was decided that the game would go into modern day to better fit Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online has been quite a revenue source for Take Two as it just celebrated its best year yet, seven years after its original release.

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Henderson said the game will bring back the Miami-esque Vice City, but the map won’t be quite as enormous as some alleged leaks say it will be. And even though it might not be a country-spanning affair, he does claim that it will evolve in some sort of way each time a new piece of DLC comes out. How the DLC will release is not yet nailed down, but new areas will reportedly be added during the game’s lifespan and the base map will also see its share of changes. He compared it to Fortnite seasons where something could crash into the default map and flip it around as well as add new areas.

GTAVI is also said to have multiple characters once again with one being a female character, an exclusion Rockstar has always caught flak for. Henderson said she would be the brains of the group and the hacker, which would make sense as other rumors say that the story would feature cryptocurrency-based storylines.

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Henderson then speculates that the game could come out in 2024 and 2025 because of Rockstar’s newfound focus on employee health. Kotaku’s blistering article looking into the studio’s debilitatingly unhealthy work practices sent quite a shockwave through the company, something a follow-up piece also delved into (which also noted that the next GTA title would have a modestly sized map). Henderson also noted that Rockstar doesn’t want to say a date until it knows it can hit it. It’s also going to only come to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC and current-gen console shortages are also a small factor in the later date.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s continued success was also listed as a factor in the sequel coming later rather than sooner. The 2013 game is still slated to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 11, 2021.

While Henderson has a decent track record, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier tweeted that everything Henderson said “matches up to” what he has heard. Schreier has an excellent track record with his reporting in general but obviously also has sources in and around Rockstar since he wrote the two aforementioned Kotaku pieces on looking into the company. VideoGamesChronicle also corroborated the info with its own sources. Regardless of the reputation of Schreier, Henderson, and VGC, Rockstar hasn’t announced anything so it would be best to wait for official confirmation.


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