The Lord of the Rings Online Is Getting Two New Legendary Servers

Standing Stone Games announced on Wednesday that two new legendary servers have arrived in The Lord of the Rings Online. The two new legendary servers, titled Shadowfax and Treebeard, will feature either faster or slower gameplay mechanics for fans. These servers come alongside the new Landscape Difficulty option, which is only on the two aforementioned servers. 

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According to Standing Stone Games, the Shadowfax server — much like the horse its named after — will be for players who want to speed through Middle-earth. The Treebeard server, on the other hand, is aimed for those who would rather enjoy every moment that The Lord of the Rings Online has to offer, and experience a more difficult journey. 

For those choosing to play on the Shadowfax server, you’ll get 50% more XP, Legendary Item XP, and Mount XP along with 20% more Virtue XP. Unlocks will often happen more quickly than normal, with players only having to wait about two months. The Treebeard server is a more level experience, with players only receiving 40% of the XP they would normally receive and unlocks happening less frequently than normal, around every five or six months. 

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A brand new Landscape Difficulty option has also been included in the servers, which “increases the challenge of enemies” on the landscape. Players can talk to Berthadan near the Prancing Pony in West Bree to get started

The addition of the new servers will allow both new and old players to start fresh again, and dive into some of the most iconic tales of Middle-earth, chapter by chapter, as they visit iconic locations and adventure with friends both new and old while on the path of Frodo, Gandalf, and the Fellowship of the Ring.